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  1. Since the audience litarelly went crazy after listening the Kanjira as a solo instrument, I decided to fully integrate this beautiful instrument into my program as a fix part. Watch this brief clip to get an impression of what happened last time:I truly love this little drum for it’s big sound but untill now I only used it in dedictated studio session and recoding situations only. The Kanjira drum needs extra shot of concentration power and precision to let it sound great at highest speeds.

    BTW, the Kanjira drum is the oldest drum of the world. She was invented in South-India and belongs to the category ‘talking drums’. Since about 50 years the Kanjira is regarded to be a serious instrument as it is used in the South-Indian classical music. In the west this instrument was introduced by Selvaganesh, an amazing Kanjira drum master and Ghatam player and co-founder of the wellknown fusion band Shakti. My skills on Kanjira derive from the Baul musicians of West Bengal and master Ganesh Kumar from Chennai. This instrument is still unknown in Europe. There is only one great player I found which is the amazing Hakim Ludin.

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