Featured Artists

On my way I sometimes come across amazing artists for many reasons. Not only for ‘the gig’. On this page I will point at some of them.

  • Hey.Bye https://www.facebook.com/heybyephotography/
    I met Heybye by accident on Corfu island this year. She is professional photographer with an outstanding eye for composition. Since she is always on the point and works like a work horse, for me it is incredible easy and fun to work with her.


  • Tapas Roy https://www.facebook.com/mandotara
    Tapas is one of the most asked studio artist in Mumbai. Working for Bollywood since decades he is able to play more than 20 instruments at studio level quality. Beside that he is a warm hearted and fantatsic colleague and friend.


  • Mickey Neher https://www.facebook.com/mickey.neherwarkocz
    Mickey is not only a drummer. He is a true musician and became a true friend over the past view years. Working for major project like Club De Belugas. I am very happy to have him around here in my home town. I would not know what to do without this incredible versatile musican.


  • Ganesh Kumar https://www.facebook.com/GaneshKanjira
    Ganesh is one of those guys that influenced me most in past view years. Master Kumar one of the most famous mucians world wide. Specially by his works for the band Bela Fleck. Actually I learnt all my Kanjira drumming skills from this friendly, clear and open minded person. Iwill be happy to meet him this year (2017) in Chennai to play concerts with him and my Duduk.


  • Rohit Mishra https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=736565840
    I met Rohit in the Himal Pradesh and lived as teaher for music and arts next door to him. Master Rohit is an absolutely fantadstic tabla player, very nice fellow and always u for great for playing and composing music. It was so nice to meet him and hope to see him again soon.