About Dudukman

… warm hearted invitation to an unexpected soul journey…

The Duduk player Mr. Thomas is a painter, graduated musician and composer.

Since more than 30 years working as a studio musician and sound designer, he grew up to a multi-instrumentalist serving international musical levels. Make your dreams come true with new no deposit casinos. During his career Mr. Thomas collaborated with a number of artist from all over the world.

In 2007 he left his home country Germany to spend a period of his life time in Asia. Most of the time located in India, he worked for the major film studios in Mumbai as studio artist, composer and musical director.

Beside that he held a number of live concerts in the most beautiful venues of India. In total, this period went on for four years and caused him to completely change his perspective on life, him selves and, last not least, on his music.

Press release from 2016 (Colibri)

Mr. Thomas musical presentation is a warm hearted invitation to an unexpected soul journey. The Duduk enables him to deeply touch the hearts of people with an ease. Moreover, during his time in India he studied the Indian Kanjira Drum with Grand Master Ganesh Kumar. The musical expression of Mr. Thomas is timeless as he respects the traditional play wise of this magic instruments. A unique point is that Mr. Thomas is using an Indian fingering technic to enhance the range of the pure Duduk as known from Armenia. Moreover, Mr. Thomas offers a very modern sounding Duduk and Kanjira sound never heard before. he makes use of latest sound technologies to expand his sound up to heavenly electronic ‘soundscapes’.


Born as a musician in Wuppertal/Germany
– 1979 Start of professional musician’s life
– 1980 Audio engineer for Pina Bausch Dance Theater
– 1982 Royal Conservatorium of Arnheim (Netherlands)
– 1986 Session recording artist, composer, producer
– 1996 – 2007 CEO of a  technology company for media production
– 2007 – 2011 Work as a freelancer in Asia. Studio works for SJ Studios and many other companies in Mumbai ( Bollywood). Solo concerts in many Asian countries
– 2012 Solo Performer for Duduk and Kanjira Drum

Since 2015 the main project is called “The Magic Of Duduk”